7 Reasons Why Business Process Automation is Essential for Your Business in 2024

In today's business world, automation has become not just an option, but a must for companies aiming not only to survive but thrive. The big question now is how and why businesses should automate their processes?

Regardless of the industry, automation offers broad benefits, enhancing jobs rather than replacing them. A recent Forbes analysis predicts a net gain of 12 million jobs globally by 2025, with 97 million new jobs created by technology and 85 million lost to automation. Estimates suggest that 9% to 47% of jobs could be automated in the future, with varying impacts by occupation and sector. The level of automation you need depends on your industry's unique needs, influencing the decisions you make.

If you're still questioning the importance of automation for your business, the following insights will provide clarity.


3 Types of Business Process Automation 

Here are 3 types of process automation for all kinds of businesses.