MidJourney V6 Just Got Released — A Leap Forward in AI Artistry

The much-anticipated Midjourney V6 has officially landed today, bringing with it a tidal wave of innovative features! 


The latest release of Midjourney V6 includes a longer prompt length, more granular control over color and shading, and the ability to fine-tune the output through a conversation with Midjourney. Users have tested the outputs of Midjourney V6 and provided feedback on the improvements in image rendering and the potential for better-quality photos compared to the previous version. These changes have brought higher resolution, better language understanding, increased control, and the potential for a new remix mode and turbo mode, among other features.


“This new AI model brings photorealism to image generation.” 

- By Ryan Morrison.


Image credit: @theaipreneursof


Midjourney V6 Updated Features 


Higher Image Resolution (2048x2048)


Midjourney V6 boasts a remarkable image resolution upgrade at 2048x2048 pixels. This upgrade ensures a canvas that goes beyond pixel-perfection, providing rich detail for artists to bring their visions to life. 


Prompt: a male disney pixar character with Black hair that is a little bit curly in the front and Golden Glasses and in his mid 20s



Smarter Natural Language Processing


Midjourney V6 is like a language expert, talking smartly and making it super easy for artists to share their ideas with the AI tool. This is a big step forward in how artists and the technology interact, making the creative conversation smoother and more enjoyable.



More Control Over Variations


This new AI model also grants artists unparalleled control over image variants. This feature facilitates meticulous customization, allowing for effortless adjustments to color, style, and angle with each interaction, delivering a new echelon of creative precision.