Digital Identity Services

Digital Identity Services

CyberGen helps you manage Digital Identities of your customers, partners and employees. From retail to banking, hospitality, healthcare, energy and utilities, and more, we make sure that your digital access is simple, reliable and secure anywhere you are.

Your organization and its resources can be anywhere, accessing systems and applications that are hosted on your own IT infrastructure or in the cloud. Whether you’re managing the identities of customers, partners or employees, we’ve got you protected. From retail to banking, hospitality, healthcare, government, universities and more, our job is to make your access simple, reliable and secure wherever you are.

Our solutions help people to collaborate, businesses to interact and customers to acquire products and services. We offer solutions and provide Digital Identity integration services to secure people, devices, platforms, data and applications.

Secure Your Digital Identities by CyberGen Core IAM Services

Market your solution faster with scalable identity and access management solution that include data governance and more.

Solution Consulting

Our Identity and Access Management solution is followed by series of Strategic and Conceptually defined processes that makes it efficient. Our Solution Consulting helps you finalize the Digital Identity Solution that will work best for you.

Design & Architect

We offer architecture and design services that is inclusive of proportions to Business needs and current Threat Landscape. A Digital Identity Solution is as good as it is Architected and Designed.

(RE) Build & Rollout

We offer services to integrate Digital Identity Solution with your existing Application, Resources and Platforms. Or, maybe you have an Identity Solution existing in your Digital Landscape and you want it to work better.

RUN : Lifecycle Support

360-degree support for your Organization wide Digital Identities and Access Management Solutions. We can work as your MSP or you hire our Digital Guardians to assist you RUN your Digital Identity Solution.


All Digital Identity Solution needs a REFRESH so that they can constantly keep serving your Enterprise needs to be Secure. From upgrading applications in legacy environments to seamlessly migrate your in-house Digital Identity Solution to cloud, CyberGen keeps everything up to date and working so your company can, too.

CyberGen Reinforce Your Identity & Access Management Life Cycle and Secure your Digital Identities

Conventional IAM solutions are inert, lack scalability and transformational lever that can match with dynamic and global nature of today's Enterprise. We are vendor agnostic and our recommended IAM solutions are custom tailored to your specific needs to uncover and address risks related to Digital Identities in your organization.

CyberGen’s Solutions to Secure Identities in your Enterprise Landscape


Identity Provisioning automates processes of creating and revoking user access within a product or application. Seamless automation of user onboarding and offboarding between directories and applications create more intuitive, and more delightful end-user experience for cross-application access, while at the same time make enterprises more secure.


Businesses are continuously challenged to meet regulatory requirements, protect their brand and control access to their resources while remaining innovative. If it is difficult for your organization to answer the classic question “Who has access to what?”?- it is time for you to consider identity governance. Identity Governance solutions can be deployed in the cloud, in a hybrid IT or on-premises environment.


Single Sign-On provide independence to people from password and multiple authentication chains. Single set of credentials gives them access to enterprise applications in the cloud, on the web, and on mobile devices.


Connecting to multiple applications at the same time requires people to do authentication every time they jump into a new session. With a Federated Single Sign-On solution, users can click once to sign in to everything hassle-free, without losing UIX points.


Now a days Digital Identities live in a lot of different places to live in and out of your Enterprise. We offer a flexible, cloud-based user store that lets IT administrators customize, organize, and manage any set of user attributes across your application landscape.


Adaptive multifactor authentication solution allows customers to further secure their applications and on-premise resources. With a powerful policy framework, a comprehensive set of verification factors, and adaptive risk-based authentication – you can offer an extra layer of protection that flexes according to user's needs.


We offer identity-centric mobility management solutions that secures mobile access while ensuring seamless and intuitive user experience. By combining mobility and identity management, we're able to solve many problems than traditional enterprise mobility management systems cannot.


Control, monitor, and manage administrative access to your critical systems by authorized employees, contractors, and third-party vendors using defense-in-depth solutions. Secure access to sensitive systems within weeks or days, without disrupting current processes using a tiered approach to governing and securing privileged access.

Why CyberGen for your Digital Identity Needs? CyberGen Difference

  • Custom tailored solutions to manage Digital Identities
  • We provide an Integrated Digital Identity Management console
  • Overhaul unsuccessful IAM implementations
Every business is different and so as their needs to handle Digital Identities and respective requirements. We build perfect Digital Identity solution that meet your unique requirements.

If you are set-up differently or your digital landscape requires a unique configuration, CyberGen brings the knowledge and expertise in technologies required to deliver the functionality you need. There may be different ways to design and implement a Digital Identity solution, but we specialize in doing it “The Right Way”?.

As a company and its market place evolve, it is quite common to see a variety of Digital Identity solutions serving needs of different business units. It’s difficult to use hundreds of dashboards to manage all your Digital Identity products that are incorporated with countless applications.

We start with assessing your digital identity landscape and find out redundant systems and replace these with a system that gives you single view across your entire digital identity landscape with simple dashboards and workflows. This simplifies way you manage your digital identities and access privileges such as user account management (UAM), access requests and password resets. We engineer your Digital Identity management dashboards to “Include Everything but Complexity”?.

You can’t keep going on with a incorrectly implemented digital identity solution, it is not an option. Our digital identity specialists will help you fix your current identity solution.

Digital Identities landscape continues to grow and develop to include new technologies, different suppliers and new types of consumers. Because of this expansion, there is an increased risk that an IAM initiative may fail and be less than effective. Our team of experts can save your investments by “Rescuing a stalled IAM Project”?.