Mobile Application Security Evaluation

Mobile Application and Secure Evaluation

Every mobile application is a pool of data sources that may contain in formation ranging from category of sensitive, PII or Confidential. We help you secure your mobile apps by accessing security flaws and bugs so that the critical data your mobile apps consume remain secure and won't leak out to the rivals or adversaries. We at CyberGen, are equipped with highly qualified mobile device and application analysts working according to the OWASP Application Security Verification Standards. We work to provide detail to attention for your mobile application security needs. We operate in iOS, windows, and Android applications. We are equipped with proprietary tools, commercial tools, manual evaluation techniques, public domain utilities for thoroughly testing the security of your mobile applications. Our security analyst performs both dynamic analysis and static analysis.

Develop Secure Build Strategy

CyberGen enforces an all-inclusive security strategy for your project by identifying key milestones and deliverables and mandate the integration of security and compliance to reduce any disruption of plans and schedules

Fortify Development

Our team of cybersecurity experts utilize latest tools and take advantage of most current security trends to reduce the number and control severity of vulnerabilities throughout all phases of the development cycle.

Manage Threats & Vulnerabilities

We can take over further vulnerability management by developing a customized initial incident response plan, executing processes to test and apply security fixes needed, and providing all levels of support in this cycle.


Being Compliant is the new “SECURE”?

We follow the best security practices and standards right from the early stages of app development and help you fortify your existing applications against adversaries. CyberGen mitigates risks by implementing OWASP, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GDPR requirements:

Our process and how it works?

Static Analysis

CyberGen team of experts examine application binary to detect security weaknesses. The executable code is inspected statically to identify risky capabilities such as access to sensitive data, contact lists, location, browser history, system logs and SIM card information; monitoring and recording of phone calls; and device permissions that are native to the operating system API or custom-defined by developers. We utilize best in class security scanners to examine the Dalvik Bytecode for Android and ARM assembly instructions for both Android and iOS.

Dynamic Analysis

CyberGen executes and monitors the mobile application interactions with filesystems, networks and APIs to detect any vulnerable behavior. Dynamic Analysis is also known as a black box test because it is done without having a view of the internal source code or application architecture – it fundamentally uses the same techniques that an attacker would use to find probable weaknesses.

Behavioral Analysis

CyberGen performs guided fuzzing to detect threats that can exploit am existing vulnerability in the mobile application and its backend servers. We execute your application in a sandbox environment to produce behavioral information such as inbound and outbound IP addresses and domains; Geo IP maps detecting data exfiltration the data sent and received by the app during operation; and respective files created, changed or deleted by the app during operation.

CyberGen Services

You can choose from our various service types that suits your requirements in Mobile Application Scanning space. We can provide on-demand solutions to cater your specific to address security gaps on your mobile applications. You even get complete security posture with updates in form of dashboards highlighting existing vulnerabilities with criticality.