Professional Services

CyberGen is one of the industry leading IT Security companies. We offer information security consulting and security services that span the entire cyber threat landscape. From defining strategy and identifying threats to deploying the right technology and ensuring operational readiness, CyberGen helps clients plan, build and run more successful cybersecurity protection programs.

Our large and highly skilled team of security professionals includes subject matter experts and thought leaders who together have served more than 1,500 clients of various sizes across multiple industries. Their unrivaled passion for pioneering new security solutions enables our clients to benefit from leading-edge computer security services.


Strategy, Architecture and Consulting Services

Implementing new technologies to address changing business needs begins with Strategy, Architecture and Consulting for the solution. With resource limitations, you need to get it right the first time. Through our technology consulting, we work with you to find an architecture solution that integrates new technologies into your existing environment. [...]


Cyber Security Program Development

Whether you are beginning to create a cybersecurity program, or you need to define and solidify processes already in place, CyberGen’s comprehensive Cybersecurity Program Development service provides you with a complete security “playbook”. Our information and compliance consultants partner with you to apply their years of experience and perspective to [...]


Transformation and Integration Services

CyberGen’s Transformation Integration practice works with organizations to orchestrate the many elements of a large multi-faceted transformation program. A client’s transformation program may include a variety of different projects, such as a new operating model, implementing shared services, leveraging new sourcing options, ERP, talent programs, or any of a number [...]


Business Impact Analysis Processes

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a process that defines business continuity requirements. This includes setting strategic recovery priorities, inventorying in-scope functions and resources, and setting target recovery timeframes for those functions and resources. The major outcomes associated with the BIA include: Setting strategic priorities that define the products and [...]


Risk, Compliance and Governance Services

CyberGen’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services help clients tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance, while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, tax, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud and dispute consulting, and financial advisory services. We can help [...]

Managed Security Services

As your trusted security partner, CyberGen Managed Security Services offers around-the-clock monitoring, management and response to advanced cyber threats, risks and compliance issues.

CyberGen offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of managed services.


Vulnerability Assessment Services

CyberGen’s Vulnerability Assessment Service is part of our comprehensive attack and penetration services.  By emulating an attacker, we help to uncover critical exploitable vulnerabilities and provide guidance to remediate them, leaving your organization less vulnerable to attack. Our services include: Breach simulation, operating outside of traditional testing methodologies to simulate an [...]


Security Technology Management

Most organizations today invest and deploy different security solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems and others to help safeguard their business. The CyberGen Security Technology Management service lets you offload day-to-day management of these security technologies to CyberGen. Our experts support leading third-party products and can manage either an [...]


Security Incident and Response Management

Discover and solve the major challenges facing security teams with Security Incident and Response Management. CyberGen can provide solutions and support for prioritizing incident response for properly mitigating damage when danger strikes. To date, more than 50 percent of today's major enterprises still don't have a proper incident response plans [...]


Application Security Program Services

Knowing there are vulnerabilities in your code is only half the battle. CyberGen Application Security Program Services help ensure AppSec program success with expert guidance, faster remediation, technical support and the opportunity to bring more application security knowledge into your organization. CyberGen's Security Program Management supports you so your security [...]

Technical Training

Cyber security training is essential in the development of individuals and teams that are prepared to protect government, military, and commercial institutions from cyberattacks. CyberGen as your trusted partner provides cyber security training and certification to security professionals around the world.

We offer a unique, hands on approach to cyber security training to equip Security Professionals with the proper tools and techniques to combat Cyber Threats.


Cyber Security Training

Solve Your Company's Vulnerability to Human Error From ransomware and phishing to unattended laptops and CEO fraud, the threats are many and they are real.  You need a plan to change employee behavior and minimize your organization's risk.  CyberGen Awareness Training can help you combat cyber risk stemming from the [...]