UK IT Decision Makers Remote Workers Put Company Data at RiskAccording to an annual survey from Apricorn, UK IT decision makers are fearing the worst as their staff continues to work in a remote environment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more organizations are continuing to work from home, with little to no security protocols put in place. 

Below are some other key stats that were noted in the survey: 

  • One in ten survey decision makers have no control over where the data is going and where it is stored
  • 35% of UK IT decision makers admitted that their remote workers have already knowingly put their corporate data at risk of a breach
  • 58% of decision makers fear their remote workers will expose their organization to a data breach

With these daunting numbers, why are IT decision makers staying complacent and are not taking any steps to tight up their security measures? For one, the study mentions that over 65% noted that their remote workers are willing to comply with additional security layers, but do not have the necessary skills and/or technology needed to keep data secure. 

Another factor is GDPR compliance. According to the survey, “32% of organization highlighted that mobile/remote work makes it more difficult to comply with GDPR”. Jon Fielding, Managing Director EMEA, Apricorn, said in a statement, “Endpoint security and education are critical to the process, and are as simple a solution to security as washing your hands is to the pandemic.

With increased phishing and ransomware attacks, it’s imperative now than ever before for your organization to take additional security protocols seriously. New-school security awareness training can ensure your users are continually learning the newest trends in attacks while continuing to work in a remote environment. 

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